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Thursday April 20th, Montauk Brewing Company joins forces with our talented chefs to bring you a party for your taste buds. Here at Perabell Food Bar, we are no stranger to Montauk Brew Co.’s excellent craft beer but if you haven’t had the chance to try it yourself then there is no better way to savor the flavor of 5 of their premium craft brews while indulging in the best food that Riverhead has to offer! For $60 (tax and gratuity ARE included despite the misinformed poster) you get off-the-menu food that no one else will ever get to try except at this event! And the beer…great food and beer sells itself.

Come down for a evening with a little education and a lot of enjoyment. We are dedicated to bringing local businesses-both in the food and beverage industry-to fruition, and why not enjoy it at the same time!